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As Candar Akiskan we manufacture and supply products and services below ; Trading engineering machine and products Pumping stations Low/high pressure valves Norm type pumps Double suction pumps Multi stage pumps Boiler feed water pumps Submersible pumps Fire fighting pumps Water supply pumps Petrochemical pumps API pumps AC motors Pump maintenance , start-up and commissioning Engineering services Ultrasonic and magnetic flowmeters Expansion joints Booster sets Control panel with/without inverter Energy analysers Rigid and elastomer couplings Polyurethane coatings Automation systems Remote monitoring systems Pressure data loggers Scada system Water loss detection GIS Water management system projects Inflatable rubber pipe plugs Light construction machines Hydraulic equipments ( hydraulic submerged pump, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic generator , etc. ) Concrete vibrators, power towels, concrete grinding&polishing machines Lighting towers&balloons Mechanical seals and gland packings Plasma and polyurethane coating Water&waste water treatment system Mechanical works including heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, fire fighting and automatic control systems Our Difference Being offered with our experience and knowledge, our products have got high quality specifications for our valuable customers. Our aim is to offer different and exclusive services with customer focused solutions based on quality and technology. Thus our vision is expanded its priority among the leading companies. We rely on We keep working to offer always the best and the most suitable products for people by adopting quality service as the main principle in innovative and competitive world system. We raise our quality by combining recent technology, reliance and productivity. Following steadily recent technological developments, we use the latest technological equipments and expand our product and service range in different periods with the direction of customer needs and requirements. We believe that the most important requirement to be a leading establishment which give quality services, is to keep fearlessly working. For tomorrow We offered high quality solutions for our customers’ requirements in a short time with our knowledge and experience which we’ve gained since 2010 and we will keep offering. In this period we take care of being honest and professional in all matters. We always protect our values and looking after our principles. Our vision We give services with the concept of taking care of mutual reliance and honesty in all relations, taking care of human labour, following recent developments, easily adopting to recent variations, believing the power and soul of teamwork, considering changing customer requirements and meeting these requirements. Our mission Our mission is to give always much better services for our valuable customers in awareness of that always much better products and services can be offered, to stay in technological developments by following recent technological developments, to offer the fastest service without compromising from quality and to be the leader in this industry.
Our company is a professional metal processing company which has been operating since 1986. Cast iron, forged steels, steel bars, cast aluminum and brass materials are processed. Starting from 2015, Agrima brand started to produce Agricultural sprayer machinery parts like gearbox, diaphragm pumps, brass nozzles, propellers, turbo atomizor Fan units and control units. We are the leasding producers of top quality agricultural sprayer machinery products in the region with the most competitive prices.
Our company was established in 1928 in Akhisar-Manisa by Ismail Hakki Orucu starting by manufacturing socks with bucket knitting tool then continued with oil diesel motopumps sale, marketing and technical service with his sons imported to our country in 1958. Later in 1965 established by his sons S. Zeki, Erdem and Ergun Orucu ORUCULER KOLL. STI. Consumer Durables reached prestigious level adding motopumps and elecropumps to gas-oil-diesel and electric water pumps in 1971. The company became institutional with the establishment of ORTAS ORUCULER Zirai Makine Motor Day. Tuk. Mal. Tic. Ve San A.S. in 1982. The company developed itself with the manufacturing of centrifugal pumps supplying to agricultural and industrial sectors and then improved itself with special stainless pump manufacturing for Food sector. Implementing KOSGEB and TUBITAK R&D works especially in 2000 and following years the company presented company profile by following high technology and being open to investments. Our company has been continuing its works to present quality services with trust, potential workforce and market share for 84 years.
Barbaros Motor brings 40 years of experience in the areas of forestry, horticultural and agricultural engines and machinery. Our company has blended in know-how, professionalism that has always been the way with BARBAROS MOTOR since 1994. In the early years of our activity Barbaros Motor was providing the needs for the local market, within a short period of time we imported processing machinery to produce the requested specific types of product demanded by the customers. Since 1997, Barbaros Motors concentrated on domestic and international processes purposely built upon customers demand and requirements. Our company currently has commercial connections and partnership with many entities internationally. Our products has been exporting to all regions of Africa, Europe, Asia,Latin America and Middle East as a Turkish origin exporting company. Our wide scope of products range from our own production of goods such as feed grinder machines, feed crushing machines, milking machines, water tanks, garden sprayers, water bowls for all type of animals, animal feeding bottles, rotary cow brushes, churning machines, vacuum pumps and pump groups, pulsators, liners, all variety of tugs, drain ploughes ,rakes and of course all of those machines’ spare parts. The range of imported products are chain-saws, brush cutters, earth augers, and all garden tools as well as agricultural and spare parts of the units we produce and market. Barbaros Motors presents all its product groups to the demands and requirements by its established brand names in the market as BARBAROS, BARTECH, YAPRAK as first class quality and by providing professional and friendly service. Barbaros Motor aims to see satisfied consumers in all its field of activity. Our strategy of adopting unique one by one clients relations ensures the expectations of our clientele. By increasing our service and quality each time, we interact with our clients and the social ecological life cycle of our field. Our purpose is to increase the trustworthiness and working with the principle of focusing on our customer satisfaction in order to move our positions to large market penetration and aim to be leader in our sector. Our focus on, making effort to present solutions to our esteemed business partner’s requirements, demands, together with the necessary specialisation in our market field, by building on the experience over 20 years by integrating human dynamism, renewed sub-structure in our everyday activity. We are striving to reach a future in which all our employees, business partners and associates to have fruitful work environment as well as fruitful production and business altogether.
We take the privilege of introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of water pumps, motors & pumping systems based in India. We have been in pump business for over 57 Years and have strong distribution and service networks both in Domestic and international Markets. C.R.I’s totally committed customer focus made it as a renowned brand globally. Presently our products are being sold and serviced in more than 120 countries across the world through 13 own subsidiary companies and steadfast channel partners. We produce different types of products comprising over 9000 models to meet the customer requirements in different segments. Our products are designed and manufactured employing superior technology to ensure fail safe performance. C.R.I has wide range of products & solutions for various applications namely Residential, Agriculture, Industries, Building services, General water supply, Dewatering pumps ,Waste water Treatments, Mining, Defence, Marine, Food Processing, and Oil & Gas etc., We have the unique distinction of being one of the few proven pioneers in the world to produce pumps & motors in 100% Stainless Steel construction which gained a unique reputation for its quality & excellence. Our vertical inline and other Industrial range of pumps are supplied with IE-1 & IE-2 motors. We have extensive range of Solar Pumping Systems & Controls for various applications. We attach herewith our company profile which would provide you with first hand information about our company, infrastructure and products. We look forward to your early response. On request we will forward you our comprehensive product publications for your detailed study.
ERF GROUP Established by means of local capital, the objective of our company is to gain the trust of customers by prioritizing high quality within fan, snails group, AND Pumps. Erfan aims to be one of the leading companies regarding manufacturing and sales of fan and snail products through its high capacity meeting demands of not only Turkey but also the world, as well as its experience and experienced personnel. Emphasizing high-quality products and customer satisfaction, ERFGROUP provides services through its investments realized in accordance with its objectives; manufacturing department having an area of 1000 m2 and latest technology machines regarding the manufacturing of fan snail groups and Pumps. Overall products are manufactured within the company having foundry, mechanical site, press, statical dying and counterweight adjustment units. Moreover, Erf Group knows success in the foreign market By gaining buyer's trust In different countries like Iraq, Serbia, Palestine, Algeria. Dear All, Greetings! We have pleasure to introduce ourselves as ERF GROUP-Yecoil has 25 years experience in the industry of mechanical production. We are a manufacturer of a wide range of industrial fans: axial, centrifugal, high, low and medium pressure, explosion-proof, circulation, aluminum and metal casing, blowing smoke and all cooling tower spare parts. Therewithal we produce several types of pumps, two stage and single stage vacuum pumps, Horizontal-vertical Centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, sky hot oil pumps and different type pumps, closed expansion tanks and fuel oil burner. We have uncompetitive special prices for manufacturers, distributors. Quality, technology, and standardization are the basic principles of production that is made in European standards. We hope that your kindly reply will found an along-lasting business relationship with you as well. Best regards,
Our work started in 2005 with the dealership of national companies and distributorship of foreign companies and continues with thousands of pumps, water boosters and fire group pumps at Kurtkoy facility. TEKNOPOMP brand pumps, hydrophores and fire group pumps are preferred and used in many domestic and international projects. The usage areas of pumps produced within the company; Housing-Social facilities Heat and power plants Industrial plants Agricultural irrigation Sewage systems Treatment plants Fire extinguishing systems General water demands. Pump types and models produced in the Company portfolio are as follows; Single Stage Snail Norm Pumps (TNP Series Pumps) Multistage Vertical Pumps (MNV Series Pumps) Single-stage Snail Monobloc Pumps (TNM Series Pumps) Fire pumps (AUE, AUED Series Fire Group Pumps) In-Line (Line type) Circulation Pumps (TNL Series Pumps) Hydrophore Systems (Booster Systems Produced From MNV Series Pumps)